Excelon Privacy Policy

Date of Issue : 1/5/2023


The following privacy policy details how Excelon Financial Services limited (Excelon) collects, uses, and protects your personal information when you visit or login to the godefi.eu platform. Use of this platform constitutes consent to the data collection and use and security practices detailed herein. We post changes to our privacy policy on occasion. We therefore recommend that you consult this page frequently or at any time should concerns arise. If any significant changes are made, as is required by law, we will notify all of our site users.



There are three categories of personal information collected by our system when you access the Excelon platform.



This information is routinely collected by most any website you visit and may include:

  • Your IP address and location
  • Information about the device such as device type, operating system, network information
  • Web log info such as browser type, and navigation path (links followed etc.)
  • Pages viewed on the site and how long

*We do not knowingly collect this information from any user under 18 years of age.



This information is limited to what the user personally enters into the system when opening or updating an account and may include:

Contact Information such as name, address, phone, email, Skype or other messenger addresses,

Financial information etc.

This information is required in order to open an account and deposit or withdraw funds as well as for account verification and fraud prevention. Users who sign up for the Excelon in addition to using the wallet may be required to enter more information for account verification purposes. This may include a copy of a Government issue ID. In such cases we may also seek out information from third parties such as credit bureaus or banks.


Some users may choose to provide us with personal information such as social media accounts like Facebook or Twitter in order to link accounts or verify personal information. Sharing such information constitutes consent to allow Excelon to store this information in your account. It does not give us the ability or right to share that information with any third party or to post on or use your social media account in any way.



All of your account activity is logged in the system. This includes your pending and past transactions, currency balances, withdrawals and deposits. This is to protect your account as well as other Excelon account holders from fraud as well as malicious software and security breaches such as by spyware or other malware that may cause harm to you or other Excelon users.



The information discussed in this privacy policy is limited to personal information that may be used to identify a specific person. This differs from anonymous information which cannot in any way be used to identify you. All the information we store that may in any way be used to identify you is treated with the greatest degree of caution. Your security is of primary importance to us. We use all the technology available to us to prevent any unauthorized use, access, leak, changes, or loss to your personal information.

To this end, we store all client information in secure environments. Blockchain information is stored in cold storage, offline. We comply with all regional and international laws in terms of the safeguarding of all of our clients privacy and information. We restrict access to all of our infrastructure both physical and online. We authorize access to client information only to staff who require access to fulfill their job responsibilities. All staff with access to sensitive information are monitored and properly trained to ensure compliance with regulations.

We securely store all client information throughout the duration of your use of Exelon Money as well as for up to five years afterwards in order to comply with all laws and resolve any disputes regarding transaction history.



The information we collect is primarily intended to facilitate account access and provide smooth functionality of the site and its features. The ways in which we make use of the information may include:

  • To provide site functions and customer service
  • To troubleshoot technical problems and provide support
  • To process transactions and notify you of such transactions
  • To collect fees and facilitate withdrawals and deposits
  • To prevent illegal activities or violations of our terms of use such as fraud, or other financial crimes
  • To measure the effectiveness of our design, layout, and site functionality
  • To provide targeted services, marketing, and offers specific to your interests
  • To verify your identity where required

Excelon will not make use of your personal information in any way other than the above listed purposes except with your expressed permission. We may request such permission in rare instances where, for instance, sharing your information may improve our services or facilitate joint services. You will always be given the chance to accept or decline the sharing of your information in this way.



In the transfer of your funds from and to your bank account or credit card as well as the transfer of Virtual Assetsto and from third party wallets, account information is shared both by Excelon and by the third party which may identify you to either party. This includes account and financial information as well as your contact information for identity verification and fraud prevention. We may use this information in order to confirm your identity in connection with the transfers in and out of your account. We share the information pertinent to the transfer with the third parties at the other end of the transaction. For instance, we use the various service providers to process card payments and we allow transfers to and from our Virtual Asset wallet to numerous other wallets.

Please be aware that each third party has its own privacy policy and practices relating to their use and protection of personal information. Excelon does not control their information sharing practices external to transactions directly to and from our platform. We recommend referencing their privacy policies if you have any concerns.



Excelon does not for any reason share or sell our clients’ personal information to any third parties for the purpose of marketing. All contact that we make with our clients is related to your account and notifications relating to transactions or other changes. Any communication that we make that is for marketing or not related specifically to your account will come with an unsubscribe option included. You will always be able to opt out of any type of communication from us, except for specific account notifications.



Use of the Excelon Site constitutes consent to our use of cookies. Cookies are micro data files stored on your computer in order to identify you and your past browsing information. They are used by most websites. We use cookies in order to:

  • Recognize you as a Excelon user
  • Customize the content you see
  • Track the effectiveness of affiliate or marketing campaigns
  • Collect basic information about your computer, device, and browser in order to prevent security breaches and improve functionality of the website

We use both “session” and “persistent” cookies in order to effectively achieve the above results. “Session” cookies are used to improve the website function within a single session, “persistent” cookies stay on your computer after you logout in order to remember your preferences next time you visit.

All of the cookies we collect are encoded so that no third-party can intercept or use any of the information collected in them. You can always opt out of the use of cookies on our site using your browser’s cookie prevention add-ons or plugins.



You can update or remove any of the information stored in our system by contacting us here. If you decide to close your Excelon account, the information contained in it will be automatically moved to a separate database and marked as closed. As detailed above, we will keep your information in our database for a period of time as required by law for fraud protection. This measure allows us to ensure that a user suspected of fraud cannot simply close their account and open another one to avoid detection. Upon closure of your account, the use of and access to your information is limited to fraud protection. Excelon will not share it with any third parties with the exception of law enforcement if required for investigations of fraud or financial crimes.